WING believes in its role in creating a livable and sustainable social and constructed environment for future generations. Therefore, the company actively participates in initiatives helping shape the future of the younger generations.

As a part of its commitment to the well-being of future generations, WING is also strongly committed to environmental sustainability. WING intends to increase its contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. WING climate protection initiatives concentrate on energy efficiency and clean transportation.

ESG reporting is now essential in the property development market: recent years have seen an increasing demand from multinational and Hungarian tenants that more emphasis should be placed on ESG considerations in the construction and operation of buildings. In line with this, WING has published its second ESG report, which provides information about its environmental, social, and governance efforts, as well as its goals, the measures it has taken and the results it has achieved in 2022.


In order to comply with EU and Hungarian legislation on whistleblowing, WING has created a whistleblowing platform and developed its internal regulations as of 24 July 2023, and at the same time started to provide individual information to its partners entitled to file whistleblowing reports.

In 2009 WING handed over its first BREEAM Very Good certified office building, the Allianz headquarters. In 2012 the company launched the first BREEAM Very Good certified sustainable shopping center in Hungary, Hegyvidék Shopping Centre. Since 2017 all of the company’s newly developed office buildings are BREEAM and/or LEED certified. Besides green buildings, WING is continuously developing the infrastructure of older buildings to comply with higher energy efficiency standards, while it is playing a role in e-transportation infrastructure development.